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We are a community of students, staff, graduates and wellbeing partners focused on improving your mental, physical and social health. By engaging with the Wellness Hub, you’ll improve your knowledge around wellbeing, get to socialise with new people and build your CV and portfolio to prepare for your future career.

Projects and Campaigns

Participate in projects and campaigns of your interests. See below some previous projects we have developed alongside students, staff and external contributors.




Are you interested on hosting a podcast related to wellbeing? Let us know!

Here you can see the most recent Wellness Hub Live podcast!


We teamed up with MDX Sports and external wellbeing organisations to hold a fair to promote physical and mental wellness!

Events and Workshops

Attend events and workshops focussed on life skills, wellbeing, digital skills and finding like-minded people. Find below some of the previous events and workshops organised and/or facilitated by the Wellness Hub team and wellbeing contributors.

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“Being a part of the Wellness Hub has equipped me with very useful skills not only for my professional live but for my personal life. I have felt supported by the community and team and useful by participating and contributing to the project. I highly recommend any students interested on wellbeing to take part!”

Marta Guerra Doblas, Student Health Promotion Assistant


Here are some examples of content you could create with us.

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Podcasting & Livestreaming Like a Pro!

It was like an introduction for novices and a next-level masterclass all seemlessly rolled into one! As a total beginner I was a bit worried that the workshop would be for people that already had a good understanding of the basics and technical stuff, but they clearly outlined the essential basics before going through each element in more detail, giving clear reasoning behind the guidance they gave, as well as drawing on examples from their own extensive experience to clearly illustrate their points. I rapidly went from thinking 'I'll never get this pod-cast off the ground, I don't even know what it is that I don't know about podcasting' to thinking "Yes, I could start this today!”’

Matt Lewis (Employability Advisor & Content Writer in Higher Education), Live Stream & Podcast like a Pro! Workshop attendee

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Clean Expressive Market Analysis

“Lots of tips and advice for marketing and mapping the customer journey. High-level marketing strategies and discussion of tools. Really helpful. Small group and able to ask lots of questions. I liked the balance of interactive sections to theory”

Elisabeth, Marketing Crash Course attendee

Marketing Crash Course for Freelancers and Startups

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